Claytor Lake Marina Building & Complex

Architect: J.A. Gibson & Associates, Inc.

Client: VA Department of Conservatrion and Recreation

Location: Dublin, VA

Project Class: New Construction


DEX Corporate Facility

Client: HBA & Associates, Inc.

Location: Floyd, VA

Project Class: New Construction

*HCC served as the construction manager on this private negotiated venture. The project consisted of approximately 78,000sf of new construction to make way for the flagship structure of Floyd's Industrial Park Complex.

Employee Safety

All other facets of the project descend subsequent to the corporate principal of Safety. HCC strives to maintain the safest working environments possible for not only our employees, but for all management staff, as well as the public. HCC makes OSHA compliance and employee safety our number one priority.

"Every Employee Returns Home Safe, Every Day."

Established in 1974

Since our establishment and incorporation in 1974, HCC has since served as the General Contractor, Construction Manager, or Design/Build Construction Manager on countless projects ranging from higher education academic facilities  and financial institutions to large scale military contracts.

Visit our Projects page to explore our vast range of construction projects that have taken place over the last three decades.

Leadership Reflected by Commitment

As of 27 July 2011, HCC has not received a single customer complaint within the BBB's reporting period of 36 consecutive months.

Project Management & Engineering

HCC employees Project Engineers, Superintendents, Managers, and Estimators to head each of its Project Management Teams (PMT). We gaurantee that every project shall be completed with consummate overall satisfaction, while within budget and on schedule.

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Pulaski Theatre

Architect: Hill Studio

Client: Town of Pulaski

Location: Pulaski, VA

Project Class: Historic Renovation


The HCC Difference

INTEGRITY ~ Our Leading Professionals will coordinate, phase, and pave the way to the Paramount Corridor of Success.

COMMITMENT ~ Our Reputation is based on Performance. Our Performance is Subsequent to No One.

PARTNERSHIP ~ Aspiring to indulge every contract as the Foundation of an Extensive and Ever Prosperous Business Relationship.

Waldron YMCA

Client: Mountain Valley Charitable Foundation

Location: Shawsville, VA

Project Class: Renovation

*HCC served as the construction manager on this private negotiated venture. The project consisted of an entire interior/exteior renovation and major utlity upgrades to make way for a state-of-the-art YMCA Recreational Facility and Carilion Wellness Center.

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Tradition in Excellence. Since 1974.


HCC has expanded and mastered all facets of the construction industry. Our capabilities, experience, and professionalism will attest to the fact that we are a leader in our field. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive and tactful approach to every project. Our core values - Integrity, Commitment, and Partnership - are precedent to everything that we do, both internally and externally. HCC employs some of the most talented, experienced, and skilled professionals in the industry, all of whom are grounded within our core-value based corporation.

The difference that we provide not only guarantees satisfaction and project adequacy, but unequivocal precision and superiority that are subsequent to none. HCC strives to redefine levels of quality and expectancy, not only for itself, but for your our clients and for the entire construction industry.

HCC employs some of the most talented, experienced, and skilled professionals in the industry. Alongside any HCC Project Management Team you will find an immense array of professional men and women working side by side to produce superior and unsurpassed results. Find out for yourself by joining our team today.

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